Vernice Murray
Vernice Murray has worked in the field of community development for the past twenty years and is passionate about supporting communities to develop and to flourish in an inclusive and cohesive way.

A graduate of Maynooth University where she completed an MA in Sociology.  Having travelled extensively, she observed the tremendous benefits of living in green spaces and embracing and enjoying nature.  In her current role as community worker with Galway City Partnership (GCP) Vernice’s key objective is to tackle disadvantage and social exclusion. Her remit is in supporting community development work within the Ballinfoile Mór area and working in partnership with its many local groups, projects and services that are enhancing and building capacity in this wonderful community. These include local women’s groups, the Ballinfoile Mór community organic garden, East of the Corrib, local music groups, groups supporting young people, older people as well as groups supporting the traveller community. Her work also involves working collaboratively with services, schools and agencies in the locality.

She is delighted to be part of the Galway National Park City in order to help people to become closer to nature and is excited about the many opportunities that it will bring to the many community groups and individuals living in its urban environment.  Vernice correctly feels that being actively engaged in one’s local communities and enjoying nature in an easily accessible way are crucial to combatting social isolation and reducing stress, loneliness and anxiety in our city.

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