Our Aims


  1. To connect all of Galway’s residents to the rest of Nature.
  2. To provide a variety of green spaces for their use by schools as Outdoor Classrooms and by third level colleges as Outdoor Labs.
  3. Endeavour to have free and easy access to high quality green and blue space for the residents of Galway to explore, play and learn.
  4. To have the majority of Galway physically green and blue (made up of home gardens, rooftop gardens, parks, woods, farmland, waterways etc).
  5. To improve the richness, connectivity, variety and protection of biodiversity and of Galway’s habitats.
  6. To develop Ecological Corridors to connect major parks, waterways and the shores of Galway Bay that would allow wildlife to move into and out of Galway city.
  7. To endeavour to improve Galway’s air and water quality year on year.
  8. To inspire the building of affordable green and sustainable homes.
  9. To have planning regulations that encourage green features such as the use of renewable energies, rooftop/vertical gardens, rainwater collection systems, community green space or native planting areas.
  10. To inspire new green and sustainable business opportunities and activities.
  11. To have, within the lifetime of the Galway City Development Plan 2023-2029, a city-wide pedestrian-cycle network where people can walk or cycle in a safe, clean and green landscape.
  12. To raise awareness and appreciation of Galway City’s extensive network of natural and man-made waterways and to ensure good management and sensitive development for Galway’s residents, visitors, and wildlife.
  13. To promote Nature through Art.
  14. To promote locally grown organic food and responsible consumption by providing space for community organic gardens and allotments in neighbourhoods and business parks across the city.
  15. To work towards achieving Zero Waste within the lifetime of the Galway City Development Plan 2023-2029.
  16. To have all sectors of society promote and develop a ‘circular economy’ ethos.
  17. To endeavour to deliver on the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals.
  18. To nurture a shared National Park City identity for Galwegians that everyone feels part of and can contribute towards.
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