Nature as Artistic Inspiration


Since time immemorial, Art has been a distinguishing trait of the human species. The oldest known figurative art dates back at least 45,500 years ago and has as its theme the natural world. The wall paintings were found in a limestone cave on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi and depict a group of three wild warty pigs.

The natural world has always filled us with creative impulses and up until a few decades ago was the main theme of art, ranging from literature to painting to sculpture. We would use symbols and allusions from Nature to express human emotions and characteristics (e.g. the strength of a lion, the beauty of a rose). Urbanisation has meant though that modern popular culture has lost a lot of that connection and a sense of wonder towards flora and fauna, towards seascapes and landscapes. Still, many Galway artists have  continued to be inspired by Mother Nature to create the most extraordinary works of art.

Helen Caird

Click here to view Helen’s beautiful artwork

Radoslav Benka

Click here to view Radoslav’s stunning wood carvings.

Noel Arrigan

Click here to view Noel’s incredible sculptures.

Tom Cuffe

Click here to view Tom’s origami creations.

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