Photo Gallery

The photographs of Dr Chaosheng Zhang give a wonderfully vibrant dimension to the inherent beauty of Nature in Galway city. We thank him for making his works available to the Galway National Park City initiative.

Hookers of the Claddagh

Tom Cuffe

Tom Cuffe’s photographs of birdlife along the seashores, rivers, woodlands and gardens of Galway has introduced to so many the spectacular wildlife that exists in and near our city. His guided birdwatching tours of different habitats have been popular with schools across Galway city and county. But Tom has also studied and photographed many other types of biodiversity. A few years ago he undertook a detailed survey of the variety and populations of wildlife living in Terryland Forest Park which included  a particular focus on moths, butterflies, damselflies and dragonflies.

Orange Tip Butterfly



Brimestone Butterfly

Sedge Warbler

Common Blue Butterfly

Colin Stanley

Colin has been photographing butterflies and other wildlife around Galway for the past eight years. His interest in wildlife stems from a childhood love of drawing animals and birds. In 2012, he founded Friends of Merlin Woods along with his wife, Caroline, and other members of the local community, to organise litter picks and other community-based events and walks.
Colin continues his work with Friends of Merlin Woods as well as photographing and recording species from the bogland, meadows, sand dunes, and Burren-type areas around Galway. Educating about biodiversity, the environment and sustainability is at the heart of Colin’s life and work goals – both now and for the future.

Red Squirrel


White Tailed Queen


Lesser Celandine

Small Tortoise Shell Butterfly

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