Our Branding Toolkit

Usage Guidelines

You can use the Galway National Park City logo for non-commercial events or activities that supports the movement and our aims. This might be community organised play streets, nature walks or neighbourhood planting. It could be a group who meets regularly to enjoy an outdoor activity. It might be events or fundraisers.

Our wordmark and logos can only be used for things connected to our movement. They cannot be used to endorse commercial activities, campaigns or funding bids without our approval.

We ask that you consider sustainability and the environment when planning any product or activity that you wish to associate with the Galway National Park City. If you are creating or manufacturing something please do consider these aspects and contact us before using the identity.

We do want to be as open and flexible as possible. If, after reading these usage guidelines you are unsure if you are allowed to use our identity or not, please do contact us with your idea or proposal.

Contact us by emailing galwaynationalparkcity@gmail.com with a brief description of your project and an example of how you want to use the logo and we will reply within 48 hours. We may ask you to make adjustments or to use a different form of the logo.

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