Distance5.4km (alternative routes possible to make as long or short as desired)

Start/End Point: Entrance points at NUIG Orbsen Building (mapped), Dangan sports grounds, NUIG Park & Ride, and various points on campus.

Surface: Primarily cinder, some places dirt or short grass, but these areas can be avoided.

Starting on the university campus, the biodiversity trail lives up to its name. Entire ecosystems sit side by side, including wildflower meadow, river bed, deciduous and alluvial woodland, and reed bed. Numerous birds, plants, bugs, and animals can be seen on the walk, a favourite trek for students, dog walkers, families, and Galway residents, especially on sunny days.

The trail has bike racks at nearly all major entrance points, and has a car park at either farthest end (Orbsen Building and Dangan Sports grounds). The trail could be walked, run, and cycled (however cycling may not be advisable during peak pedestrian hours). The trail is approximately 1.5m in width along along its length, and while facilitating many people, never feels crowded. A great way to escape into nature while staying within the city boundaries!

Parking: Car (fee) and bike parking

Toilets: Available in university buildings when they are open.

Click here  to access the MapMyWalk trail map.

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