Roselyn Carr, East of the Corrib Convener

Roselyn grew up in Terryland, Galway. She studied Civil Engineering at NUI Galway and went on to complete a PhD at University College Dublin. She now works at the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute, Oslo. Living and working in Norway has given Roselyn the valuable first-hand experience of Scandinavian lifestyle. Renowned for its outdoors, hiking, cycling, skiing, coastal beauty and increasingly liveable sustainable cities with people centred infrastructure. Her typical mode of travel with her three children is by bike or foot.  

The challenges of social restrictions to protect our health and economy over the past year have prompted her to look more closely at her native community. In the summer of 2020, she set up a webpage This initiative shares, promotes and creates a vision for a sustainable, liveable, connected community East of the Corrib. It encompasses urban and rural villages from Woodquay, the Dyke Road on to Menlo and East to Terryland, Ballinfoile and Castlegar. The aim is to explore, support, uplift and ultimately shift our cognitive behaviour from observing our local natural environment from afar to engaging and interacting with it in a physical unconscious way. Resulting in an everyday happy and healthy experience. Progress will be best achieved through full partnership of a coordinated community effort with the full engagement of our City Council and elected representatives. 

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