The NUI Galway Community and University Sustainability Partnership (CUSP) team was established in 2015 to make NUI Galway a leading green, smart and healthy campus. Its  multidisciplinary team of students, staff and community partners are all working together with the common aim of showcasing how the university can become a role model for the transition to a more sustainable future. Using a Learn-Live-Lead approach organised around 6 key themes (Research and Learning, Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Nature and Ecosystems, Health and Wellbeing, Built Environment and Governance and Leadership) CUSP is striving to embed sustainability across the university mission. The Learn-Live-Lead model recognises the key role that students play in advancing the sustainability agenda. The model places students at the heart of the sustainability journey and promotes sustainability scholarship environmental stewardship and global citizenship as key student attributes.

In 2020 CUSP launched the draft NUI Galway Sustainability Strategy 2020-2025 for campus and community wide consultation. Through the active participation of all sections of the university family, NUI Galway seeks to go beyond what was laid out in its inaugural strategy.

Read the draft document at

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