Distance: 1.5km

Start/End Point: T-junction at entrance to Menlo village

Surface: Tarmac

This is a very pleasant stroll around the village where many of the local families have lived for generations. Turn left at the T-junction and then take a right turn alongside An Lochán (a turlough).
You will have passed on your left the stone waymarker for An Baile Thuas and An Pháirc.

At the next stone waymarker follow the arrow for An Chaológ Mhór, named after the long, narrow strips of land along this road. Turn left when you reach the next T-junction, An Baile Thíos, and at the top of a gentle slope you will get a glimpse of the River Corrib with a better view found at the bottom of the slope.
Keep left at the fork in the road, taking the right fork would take you even closer to the river and the old village well Tobar Bhidí. At this point you will see the first of five thatched cottages still left in
the village. After passing it ignore the next left turn, with a very small thatched cottage near the corner. A short distance later you will pass close to yet another thatched cottage, barely visible down a bóthrín on the right. By now you are in An Baile Thuas and you will actually be looking at the back of a fourth very well-maintained thatched house. Until recent years this was the home of Paddy and John Lawless.
As you pass the Lawless cottage, on your left you will see the remains of two abandoned houses (McGrath’s and Bell’s) which give an idea of just how densely populated Menlo was in times past.  In front of the Lawless cottage there is a “fairy garden” which all are welcome to enjoy.

At the next junction keep left. The first right turn would take you to An Poll, Cé Mhionlaigh (Pier) and
An Reilig and the second leads to Teach an Gheata and An Teach Mór, but we will leave those for a separate walk.

At the top of yet another gentle slope you will see a traditional Galway barn, beside the village’s fifth
thatched cottage. After that you pass Scoil Bhríde (primary school) and you are almost back to where you started.

If you are ready for more, you can add a further kilometre by following the Menlo village (Middle
village and Lisín) route.

Please note that this route is on a road catering for motorised vehicles. So walkers must be fully aware of this and walk with caution.

Click here to access the MapMyWalk trail map.

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