Liz Coleman The Climate Scientist

Liz Coleman is a researcher in NUI Galway specialising in climate modelling & air quality forecasting. She has a comprehensive understanding of the interdependent processes that affect, and are affected by climate change. She has studied the interactions between air quality and climate, uncovering instances where policy addressing one atmospheric issue exacerbated another issue – e.g. promotion of climate-neutral wood-burning fuels reduces air quality, or promotion of power-intensive “clean” technology increases energy demand and contributes to the relentless rise in atmospheric global greenhouse gases, accelerating climate change. Liz’s research has recently focussed on scientific strategy for integrated atmospheric assessment towards co-beneficial policy, leading the EPA-funded ANIAR initiative to strengthen international research connections, to assess the major societal challenges posed by air pollution and to form a scientific international alliance across disciplines to produce scientific outputs for the benefit of society. Liz has engaged the public with atmospheric science in novel ways, as chief scientist in the development of interactive air-quality forecasting app StreamAIR, and leading citizen science projects using low cost sensors. She currently lectures in the School of Physics, providing courses through Irish and passionately promotes interdisciplinary collaboration and science public engagement, bringing the climate conversation to the communities, especially those marginalised and often omitted from the discourse. Liz is also a traditional fiddle player and music teacher, often participating in musical events in Galway and beyond. 


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