Karen Maguire

Karen Maguire represents the Menlo Residents Association on the steering committee of the National Park City Galway.  The association will be an active part of this initiative  and will do this through the continuation of their heritage project, which aims to enhance and protect the rich biodiversity, culture and heritage within our community.  The association is happy to share their learning with other resident and neighbourhood groups. The association was set up in the early nineteen eighties to represent the views and interests of the residents of Menlo and surrounding areas to safeguard the amenities in the area for the benefit of members and their families as well as for the greater benefit of the City of Galway.   The Association also endeavour to research, promote and preserve the unique cultural and heritage amenity as well as the biodiversity of the area.

Menlo Residents Association have identified the following actions within the National Park City initiative as areas that they can contribute their support and efforts towards:

-The possibility of promoting the last Saturday of every month as ‘Citizens for the Environment Volunteer Day’.

-To promote the All-Ireland Pollinator initiative, led by Galway City Council, amongst neighbourhood communities and workplaces by planting bee-haven native wildflower areas and encouraging regular litter picks and associated activities.  Linked to this is the development of a ‘Bee Corridor’ through the planting of native wildflowers.

-To ‘Create a Wildlife Haven at Home’ initiative.  This  would cover a diverse range of biodiversity enhancing actions around our community.

-To consult with the community regarding the mapping, protection and enhancement of our network of Boithrins in the village.

They also want to see the Galway City Council provide proper access for people to visit Menlo Castle, for example a style.

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