Jonathan Vallot, The Terryland Forest Park Volunteer

Jonathan Vallot has been an activist and volunteer in Galway since the early 2000’s. He was one of the founding members of the organising committee of the Galway Youth Forum and has been involved in several campaigns and demonstrations on human rights and environmental issues in the city. He also volunteered with Youth Work Ireland and the Scouts. As part of the Terryland Forest Park team he is involved in planning workshops for the development and future facilities for the park. Jonathan takes an active role during tree planting events, helping instruct volunteers on how to plant saplings and helping everyone keep organized while having an enjoyable time. Established in January 2000, Terryland Forest Park is the largest people’s urban forest park project in Ireland. It is maintained by volunteers and was created to help reconnect people with nature and facilitate outdoor education projects in Galway city. Jonathan is also a volunteer/advocate for The Venus Project, working towards a holistic approach to society, nature, technology and resource based economics focused on human and environmental wellbeing.

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