Jihad Borayane and his family are residents of the Eglinton Direct Provision Centre in Salthill. He is a multi-talented person that uses his many skills to benefit his fellow residents of the Eglinton and indeed the wider community of Galway city. A talented musician playing a range of instruments including the Oud from his homeland of Morocco, Jihad has successfully blended his native Imazighen music with Irish traditional music and has played with many Irish musicians in many cultural venues across Galway.

He is a well known volunteer in the city who has participated in a diverse range of community environmental projects including tree plantings, litter picks and creating wildflower meadows.

Jihad has also used his culinary skills to provide North African cuisine at multi-cultural social gatherings over the years.

Within the Eglinton, he is an active member of the residents’ committee, organises events for children, regularly volunteers in their community organic garden and has helped develop and curate the onsite library

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