Hannah Aris – Our Climate Change Ambassador

Hannah Aris was selected as a Climate Change Ambassador for Galway by An Taisce in recognition of her outstanding environmental work. She is currently a PhD student at NUI Galway studying Biomedical Engineering. Originally from the United States, Hannah came to Galway to obtain her MSc in 2018, when she also became a committee member on the NUI Galway Energy Society. The following year, Hannah took the reins of the Energy Society and led initiatives such as the Green Energy Festival, Pedal Powered Charging Station Initiative, the Wind Farm 5k, and led international networking with the European Fusion leaders. Now in her second year as Auditor of the Energy Society, Hannah hopes to continue on with these initiatives and branch out into the wider Galway community, enlisting the Energy Society as a champion of NPC Galway and working on projects such as the Terryland Beautification Project, Green Mapping of Galway City, and Menlo Biodiversification Committee. In addition to working with the Energy Society, Hannah enjoys volunteering at the GSPCA Charity Shop in town and in outreach projects encouraging youth and secondary school girls to pursue careers in STEM. She also serves as the Vice Auditor for the Women in STEM Society at NUI Galway.

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