November 5, 2020 Connacht Tribune.

Galway’s bid to become a National Park City will serve as an inspiration to other cities in Ireland and will enrich the lives of people in Galway and beyond.Those were the words of President Michael D Higgins as he launched ‘National Park City for Galway’ on Thursday last, an initiative for which he is patron.

“As someone to who Galway is home, and as a former Mayor of Galway and member of its City Council and County Council for so many years, it gives me the greatest satisfaction that Galway is leading the way with this project for a vital piece of green infrastructure that will protect and enhance the natural world in an urban environment and is thus providing a template for other Irish cities to emulate,” said President Higgins.AD  Learn more

The movement, which aims to have Galway recognised as a city dedicated to sustainability, where citizens benefit from, and are strongly connected to, nature, has already gathered support of over 80 ‘champions’ from all sections of society.

“This initiative has an extra dimension, for it is a wonderful example of inclusion, based as it is around ensuring representation from a cross-section of all of Galway society, including young people those in Direct Provision; small business; corporate; retail; medical; teaching; science; engineering; architecture; local communities; arts; crafts; environmental; media; cycling and walking advocacy to name but a few,” said President Higgins.

The project, he said, would play a critical role in improving the biodiversity, air quality and ecological balance and would increase awareness locally, educating on the issues of climate change while also improving human health and well-being.

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