Frank Monahan, architect, ‘Architecture at the Edge’

Architects have a key role to play in a post-COVID world, helping to ensure that nature is designed in rather than out of an urban infrastructure, to develop sustainable ‘urban villages’ and multi-functionality features that will have long term environmental, economic and social benefits such as the use of renewable energies, rooftop/vertical gardens, rainwater collection systems, community green space, native planting areas, and walking/cycling into the built environment

Frank’s professional practice includes the design of buildings and set design for film and television production. He holds a BA(Hons) in Architecture, 2008 and a Professional Diploma in Architecture, 2012 both from London Metropolitan University. Prior to this he received a B.Des (Hons) in Production Design for Film, TV and theatre from the Institute of Art, Design and Technology (IADT).

With a long term interest in the critical potential of design he established the ‘Architecture at the Edge’ Festival in 2017, for which he continues to devise and develop the events programme through all stages.

Architecture at the Edge promotes architecture as culture, excellence in the built environment and responsible architecture. The initiative focuses on advancing the cause of context-specific architectural learning and practices using ‘bottom-up’ approaches to empower the design and built environment community in Ireland and elsewhere.

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