Ann Irwin, The Community Organiser

Ann Irwin works as the co-ordinator of the Galway City Community Network, a network of over 150 community, voluntary and environmental organizations and groups in Galway City.

A founder member of the Galway Environmental Network, Ann has a keen interest in climate justice and how climate change disproportionally affects marginalised communities, who have least resources to adapt or to mitigate against the effects of climate change. She is one of the authors of Towards Climate Justice: a strategy for the community sector in responding to climate change.

Ann was a ministerial appointee and member of Comhar, the Sustainable Development Council. She is a director of Galway Traveller Movement. She is a member of the national Cross-Sectoral Group that developed and is now overseeing the implementation of Sustainable, Inclusive and Empowered Communities: a five-year strategy to support the community and voluntary sector 2019-2024.

Ann was one of the organisers of the Loving Galway: Celebrating Galway’s Green and Blues Spaces festival and believes this should be an annual event.

Ann is a passionate supporter of the Galway National Park City project and looks forward to working to progress this excellent initiative.

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