Aisling Colreavy

The Health Advocate

Aisling is the Healthy Galway City Coordinator and is responsible for coordinating community-led projects and initiatives that aim to improve the health and wellbeing of those living in Galway city. 

Much of this work is in association with the Galway Sports Partnership, Galway City Council and local NGOs such as Friends of Merlin Woods and the Terryland Forest Park Alliance. Many of the initiatives that Aisling is involved in compliment and promote the same aims of Galway National Park City. 

As Healthy Galway City coordinator, Aisling is involved in the coordination and implementation of targeted initiatives in the areas of healthy eating, physical activity, mental health, sexual health, tobacco free and alcohol harm prevention and reduction, with a particular focus on disadvantaged communities and those at risk of health inequalities.

Healthy Galway City is part of the World Health Organization (WHO) ‘Healthy Cities’ Programme. Supported by Galway City Local Community Development Committee (LCDC), Healthy Galway City is based on engagement, collaboration and the creation of long-term innovative partnerships.

 Aisling completed a BA and a MSC in Psychology in the National University of Ireland, Galway. She has worked for over a decade alongside marginalised communities in Ireland and in the UK. 


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