Distance: 1km

Start/End Point: T-junction at entrance to Menlo village

Surface: Tarmac and some unpaved pathway

This route through the village is suitable for those looking for a short walk, and can also be done in conjunction with the longer Menlo Village walk. As before, turn left at the T-junction and then take a right turn alongside An Lochán (a turlough), ignoring the stone waymarker for An Poll and An Pháirc.

At the stone waymarker for Lochán and An Chaológ Mhór take a left turn through the village. Most of the homes along this stretch are occupied by families who have lived in the village for many generations.

At the end of this road is a small, thatched cottage which for decades was occupied by Dermot, one of the village characters, who is now enjoying life in a care home.

Turn left and continue until you reach the Lawless thatched cottage on the right. At this point there is a pathway between two long-abandoned houses, Follow this path but be careful when it is damp underfoot. You are now on the Lisín, which suggests that it led to a burial ground for unbaptised children.

At the end of the pathway turn left and you are in An Pháirc, a name which, as Menlo Park, was brought to the United States by D.J. Oliver and D.C. McGlynn. Their ranch of that name gave birth to what is now the City of Menlo Park in the heart of Silicon Valley.

After passing another thatched cottage and Scoil Bhríde, you return to the start of the walk.

Please note that this route is on a road catering for motorised vehicles. So walkers must be fully aware of this and walk with caution.

Click here to access the MapMyWalk trail map.

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