Culan O’Meara
Culan O’Meara represents the 32nd Menlo Scouts Galway on the National Park City Galway steering committee. The 32nd Menlo Scouts was founded in July 2018 by a group of interested local parents. We saw the huge potential of our local surroundings with Menlo Castle, woods, river, lake and a never-ending network of boreens right on our doorstep. Scouting is all about the outdoors. If we are indoors, it’s only so we can prepare and plan for being outdoors! Scouting itself is all about encouraging the social, physical, intellectual, character, emotional, and spiritual development aspects (known as the SPICES) of young people “so that they may achieve their full potential and as responsible citizens, to improve society”. With that in mind, we felt that it was a ‘no-brainer’ to link in with this great initiative. We see the natural beauty of Menlo as a gift that we want each of our members to appreciate, explore, protect and be proud of!

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