Agustín García Pereira The AI Mapper

Agustín García Pereira is an experienced researcher at the Insight Centre for Data Analytics, National University of Ireland, Galway. His research focuses on digital technologies and services that facilitate the citizen-government relationship, promoting government transparency and enabling public participation and collaboration. He has contributed to several European Commission-funded research projects, especially in the area of environment and sustainability. He is a technical leader of the EC-funded Interreg Programme project, Emergreen, developing AI-driven green technologies for supporting digital public services in remote areas from Ireland, UK, Denmark, Finland, and Sweden. Agustin has secured research grants under the Microsoft AI for Earth and the National Geographic Explorers innovation programme in the domain of artificial intelligence, remote sensing, agriculture and biodiversity,  addressing important challenges faced by our society. He has participated as a GIS technical lead and data analytics co-lead at the EC and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) funded project SHEER, investigating the links between environment, health, and socioeconomic status in Ireland.

Agustin has also contributed to cross-domain projects addressing challenges in the area of public health, open data, and national security. He was a technical co-leader at the Patient-Centred Service Improvement (PaCSI) project, generating actionable insights from the analysis of free-text comments from the National Patient Experiences Survey in Ireland using Qualitative and Computational Text Analytics methods. He was a technical co-leader at the EC-funded H2020 Programme project, Open Government Intelligence, developing technologies for advancing the field of data analytics using linked open statistical data. Supporting the Marine Institute, Ireland and Lithuanian Gov Entity pilots, working with GIS data processing, visualization, and linked data. He is a technical co-leader at the EC-funded H2020 programme project, Stair4Security, developing a collaborative platform as a single entry point of information on the security sector, allowing better governance of standardization needs in the Disaster Resilience and Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear and explosive (CBRNe) sectors. He was a technical leader at the EC-funded Erasmus Programme project, developing cross-platforms social technologies helping to alleviate the negative impacts of drug consumption among youth.

Agustin graduated as a Software Engineer in the Universidad Nacional del Sur in Bahia Blanca, Argentina and he completed a Research Master program at NUI Galway.


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